Fujifilm 4-up CTP Devices

Fujifilm Dart 4300S or 4300E

The Dart 4300E is an affordable entry-level solution that provides output at up to 11 plates per hour. The Dart 4300S is a high-speed model that can output up to 21 plates per hour.


  • Fast output speed – 11 4-up plates/hr at 2400 dpi (Dart 4300E)
  • Faster output speed – 21 4-up plates/hr at 2400 dpi (Dart 4300S)
  • Midsize 32 21/32" x 26" 4-up format
  • Automatic drum balancing enables different plate sizes with no manual adjustments
  • Six resolution levels from 1200 to 4000 dpi to fit a wide variety of jobs (Dart 4300S)
  • Co-Res Screening option up to 300 lpi
  • Full automatic, continuous operation with auto-loading options and processor bridge
  • Optional punch block configurations
  • Compact design
  • Ideal solution combined with Fujifilm Ecomaxx-T or LH-PJ plates

Fujifilm Saber V-6

The Saber V-6 is a high quality, affordable, and scalable 4-page CTP platesetter designed specifically for the 4-up and mid-size printer. It gives you the highly-accurate image quality and Violet photopolymer CTP plates are easily handled in a bright yellow safelight environment. Configurations include manual plate feed and removal, semi-automatic, SAL fully-automatic and MAL fully-automatic.


  • High quality, affordable 4-page violet CTP system
  • Single laser, Fujifilm manufactured violet laser assembly
  • Internal composite drum for image accuracy, repeatability and registration
  • Manual configuration is fully upgradeable to semi-automatic or fully-automatic
  • Handles a variety of 6, 8 and 12 gauge plates, with sizes up to 30 3/32" x 27"
  • Produces up to 37, 4-up plates per hour at 1200 dpi
  • High resolution output up to 3657 dpi / 200 lpi
  • AM and Co-Res Screening
  • Dedicated processor
  • Optional in-line punching, with no punch shadow

Fujifilm Saber V-6e

The Saber V-6e is an affordable, reliable and a high-quality 4-page entry level violet CTP platesetter. The SaberV-6e features the highest level imaging, repeatability, and accuracy in an affordable, reliable, flexible and upgradeable solution.


  • Affordable entry level 4-page violet CTP system
  • Lower cost of ownership and long laser life
  • Small footprint
  • Upgradeability – manual to semi-automatic
  • The Saber V-6e can grow as your business grows
  • The ultra-flexible Fujifilm LP-NV2 plate for run lengths up to 500,000 with UV curing

Fujifilm Screen PlateRite 6600E and 6600S

The entry-level PlateRite 6600E has a 32-channel imaging head and produces 18 plates per hour. The faster PlateRite 6600S has a 64-channel and images 30 plates per hour. The PlateRite 6600 provides increased flexibility in plate format supportaccommodates a new generation of 6-page web and sheetfed presses.


  • Advanced External Drum Design - an automated lightweight clamping and vacuum system secures plates to the drum for high-speed rotation.
  • Broad Plate Support - the widest selection of supported plates including non-prebake thermal plates, prebake and post bake positive and negative plates, and the latest processless plates.
  • Chemistry-Free Technology - reduced costs of both chemicals and processors.
  • Perfect Upgrade Environment - output capacity can be upgraded from an entry-level manual machine to a high-productivity, fully automated model to meet expanding production requirements
  • Intelligent Auto-Balance System - no manual adjustments are required for drum balance when switching to different sized plates. The auto-balance system automatically optimizes the balance of the recording drum.
  • Automatic Inline Punching - the automatic system performs punching for the platesetter and press registration at the same time improving register on press and reduces make-ready times.
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