Fujifilm Workflow

Fujifilm | Screen Trueflow 3

Trueflow 3 is designed both to drive computer-to plate (CTP) production and digital printing presses efficiently, and to manage a JDF-based operating environment for seamless communication between Management Information System (MIS), Prepress, Press, and Postpress operations. Trueflow 3 is a fully JDF-compliant PDF workflow system and integrates everything from incoming job handling to prepress, proofing, and the output for CTP.


Trueflow 3 supports the latest file formats, and has a color management system that employs advanced artificial intelligence to enhance the conversion of RGB images for CMYK workflows. Thanks to a new drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI), Trueflow 3 is easy to learn and use.

Fujifilm Proofing & Color Management

ORIS Color Tuner is the premier contract proofing system for Epson inkjet devices. Color Tuner combines high-end color management with a simple drag-and-drop or network printer interface to produce reliable, cost-effective contract proofs. The system is far more than just an inkjet RIP; it is a complete proofing system. Color Tuner accepts all major digital file formats, including DCS, TIFF/IT, PostScript, PDF, PDF/X and many more, making it a straightforward, and cost-effective complement to any CTP system. In addition ColorTuner Pro for FinalProof GxT allows ORIS color management for Fujifilm FinalProof (with PD-Pro). ORIS PressMatcher and InkSaver products also extend ORIS color management to other color devices (wide format, digital presses, and workflow).

Fujifilm | Inkjet Proofing: CGS ORIS Color Tuner

Fujifilm | Dot Proofing: Finalproof

FinalProof, is a breakthrough in digital halftone technology for the high-end commercial printer. Fujifilm's FinalProof provides true halftone dot screening at the same resolution as our output recorders while using Fujifilm's pigment-based colors. FinalProof is the combination of fully automatic imaging, pigment CMYK colors, multiple resolutions, and true halftone screening combined with the ability to laminate to actual paper stock.


  • True halftone dot screening at same resolution (2400, 2438, 2540 dpi) as Fujifilm output recorders.
  • Same CMYK pigments as FujiProof Color-Art for excellent proof to press match.
  • Utilizes Fujifilm’s proven Thin Layer Thermal Transfer technology
  • Off-line lamination to actual printing stock - one or two-sided.
  • Fully automatic imaging - all colors are imaged and registered internally - no operator handling is necessary.
  • Maximum image area of 21 1/2" x 32 1/4" for B2 engine.
  • No processing chemicals required.
  • Automatic color calibration and color management.