Pixfizz provides a complete platform of online solutions. Pixfizz is a cloud-based, web-to-print platform to create multiple customized storefronts and sell high-value photographic products. Pixfizz allows access to photos from Facebook, Instagram as well as your local drive, and runs on any web-enabled device.

Pixfizz allows you to integrate with a wide range of options such as payment gateways, e-commerce, social media, workflow, marketing automation and mobile apps.


  • Accessible via any web-enabled device
  • Cost-effective and open for business 24/7
  • Scalable: it adapts to high and low seasons
  • Flexible: easily customize and brand storefronts
  • Real-time sharing of galleries and projects.
  • No software or servers for you to install or maintain

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Storefront Designer

Complete Content Management System allowing you to:


  • Customize your user experience yourself
  • Easy to install templates
  • Integrate designs and storefront with existing websites
  • Support for multiple languages

Cloud-to-Print Editor

Easily design and publish your own products for your customers to personalize and order:


  • No downloads or plugins required
  • Compatible on Mac, PC, Linux, iOS and Android tablets
  • High performance & Instant image use; no waiting for images to upload to begin designing projects
  • Finely tune the customers design freedom on all products by providing extensive personalization options

E-commerce Tools

Full featured shopping cart that includes:


  • Full order management from project through production and delivery
  • Coupons and Promotional codes including ability to import external codes
  • Upsell of add on options for products
  • Location based sales tax calculation
  • Inventory management
  • UPS, Fedex integration

Fulfillment & Production

Full print production integration features including:


  • Receive files to print in Layered PDF, flat PDF or JPG
  • Customize job ticket templates in XML, JDF, CSV and printed ticket format’s
  • Use ftp or web service
  • Barcode creation with custom size and placement
  • Intelligent print file/job ticket template selection and routing to different production facilities based on type of product or delivery address
  • Order status updates and email with tracking details