Dalim ES and Dalim Twist

Dalim software offers highly efficient and scalable solutions for companies in the media and communication industry. incredible tools for creative professionals who deal with the challenges of producing, managing and sharing cross-media content with clients and growing your business environment with your customers.

Dalim ES is a centralized project management and multi-channel workflow; it ensures productivity and longterm profitability and it lets users plan, execute and control any aspect of media production, for the use of the output in either print, web, ebook, movie, and others.


  • Customizable web interface to match your or client’s CI
  • Centralized data storage for multi-user collaboration
  • Sophisticated approval workflow
  • Centralized data storage for virtually any file format
  • Powerful search feature
  • JDF compatible and plugins for Adobe® CS/CC
  • Multi user approval cycles with high quality, color accurate viewing
  • Video approval & transcoding
  • Project management
  • Supports versioning and regions
  • Quality control workflow to avoid reprints
  • Multi-channel output with automatic file conversions for cross media workflows

Dalim Twist is a flexible media production workflow engine. It decreases the amount of manual intervention and streamlines the creation of a wide variety of file types. It helps you gain significant performance with features such as the ability to build an almost infinite variety of processing paths, a very extensive modular feature set, and automation of repetitive tasks such as preflighting, file optimization and conversion, color management, image transformations and trapping. It helps you achieve high throughput, reliability and flexibility in demanding environments.


  • Powerful PDF preflight for print, web & mobile
  • Cross media  and extensive image workflow
  • Custom integration XML, SQL databases, SDK and HTML5
  • Automated quality control and ability to compare different RIP technologies
  • Flexibility: modular feature set for your requirements.
  • Linux and Mac OS X versions available
  • 3rd Party Connectivity
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